How to Make Money in 2016 with Google Adsense

Let’s open with some cliff notes on AdSense.
It’s one of the easiest methods of getting revenue that webmasters can use to become making money online. It’s a pay per click banner model, and it involves placing Javascript code in the pages of your site where you want to display AdSense banners. When a visitor to your site sees a contextual ad that he / she is interested in, and clicks, you receive a share of the revenue Google earns from the advertiser.

How to Make Money in 2016 with Google Adsense

Sound simple enough?


If you have a website in a niche that receives good, targeted traffic, you can use Google AdSense to help monetize it by showing banners. Start by creating an AdSense account with Google Adsense for “Site Targeted” ads.

The key to success here is to place properly-sized ads on high traffic pages of your website, particularly the home page.

There are various AdSense ad block sizes to choose from. It’s typically agreed on that the most useful banner size is 300 x 250 – it fits neatly in blog articles for dynamically sized browsers, including WordPress.

From there, it’s a matter of testing and tweaking to see which banner size (and what placement) works best for you.

Here’s what you’re going to need to make money with Google AdSense in 2016 and beyond

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