LMD Conservatory Roofs are specialists in creating Solid tile and insulated conservatory roofs, for existing conservatories.

Many of our customers have commented that the existing conservatories are often warm in the summer and yet cold in the winter, LMD Conservatory Roofs have listened and are now considered the market leaders in replacement conservatory roofs.

Due to changes in customers needs conservatories are evolving towards a new generation of living space. A conservatory is still a very desirable product, even more so with recent technological advancements and new product launches, however at LMD conservatory roofs we are experiencing a number of homeowners who are seeking something a little more, typically our customers want:

Conservatory Roof From LMD Conservatory Roofs

  • A garden room
  • Soundproofing
  • Use all year round
  • Cool in the summer
  • Warm in the winter
  • Well insulated
  • Adding value to the home
  • Reducing utility costs
  • Custom finishes

LMD will offer you a high quality tiled conservatory roof, which is lightweight and fitted by experts. We have many years of experience and we are specialists in removing old conservatory roofs and replacing them with a new, state of the art, solid, lightweight tiled and insulated conservatory roof.

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